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Puts the focus on the next tab to the right when you close a tab (just like pre-Safari 5.1).

What's new

Safari will update Right Exit automatically if you have automatic updates enabled. To see whether you do, go to Safari Preferences, click on the Extension section, then click on Updates near the bottom.

Tip o' the hat

Major thanks to Lasse Rasinen for OpenAtEnd. Right Exit wouldn't exist without OpenAtEnd since most of its code was based on OpenAtEnd. Thanks as well to Dan Moren at Macworld for bringing OpenAtEnd to my attention.


Safari 5.1 introduced a new "feature" when you close a tab: sometimes it will move your focus left to the prior tab, and other times it will move your focus right to the next tab. But which way it goes is anyone's guess. Annoying!

This extension fixes that. With it, whenever you close a tab, it puts the focus on the next tab to the right (just like pre-Safari 5.1). If you pair it up with OpenAtEnd, which makes new tabs open at the far right side of the tab bar, your tab behavior will be identical to how it was before Safari 5.1. Awesome!

Comments or suggestions

If you feel like passing along some feedback, bug reports, or other comments, you're welcome to Please try to be as detailed as possible if you're submitting a bug report, ideally providing me with a list of steps so that I can reproduce the issue.