Hey there, you've landed at aichon.com. Are you sure you're in the right place? You look a bit confused. Yes, the page is fully loaded. No, your browser isn't broken. Maybe I'll get around to styling the page one day.

I can only assume you are now trying to figure out who I am. Hi. I'm Aichon. I'm just a guy. People tend to bump into me in gaming or tech circles where I've been going by this handle for a few decades. I otherwise mostly keep to myself. If you need me for some reason, .

Why even bother with this site?

I actually use this domain quite a bit for various personal projects (e.g. email, Minecraft, Raspberry Pi services, etc.), I just don't do much with it on the Web. Since I'm paying for the domain anyway, I figured the least I could do is toss a barebones site up so folks know it's in use.


For a certain cadre of folks, you may be looking for the Soldiers of Crossman forums or my ancient (now-unsupported) Safari extension:

"Thanks, Aichon"

I occasionally get asked if folks can buy me a coffee as a "thank you" for something I've explained or done. I also get asked for recommendations on services I use. I figured I'd combine the two, both so I have something to point to and so that anyone supporting me has something to show for it. So, here's a list of recommendations for various services I use and enthusiastically recommend when anyone asks. As should be obvious, some of them (the ones mentioning discounts) benefit me if you sign up using my links, but I'd have recommended them here regardless (as I do with some already).